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Room's For Rent

Address: 514 N. College St (Room 4)
1 Bedroom
Rent: $385.00
Private Bath, Laundry Area
Open Now

Studio Apartment

Address: 810 1/2 N. Virginia St
Rent: 300.00
1 Bedroom

Open April 1st

Rockville, Clinton, Montezuma, Marshall 
and Bridgeton Indiana. For Over 14 Years

Parke County's Choice for Homes
If you are looking for a home to rent?  we offer 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom homes for rent. Kramer's Property Management offers long and short term rooms as well.

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Have a home or apartment for rent, looking for a company with integrity and experience to manage your properties? Kramer's has the experienced staff here to help!  Learn More!


Why Hire A Management Co.

A good property management company can prove to be an asset to the continued success of your business. Many investors will say that the value added of a great property management company is like finding a pot of gold. We're a little biased but we have seen the proof over and over in our business because by freeing the owners from the day to day operations of the property, they have more time to explore other opportunities and think more strategically of how they want to manage all their investments. The result is a much better ROI, even with our fees